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Solar Light Cross | Solar Cross | Eternal Light Cross | Solar Lighted Cross - This beautiful shining solar light cross Is "Sweeping The Nation", being displayed by loved ones everywhere! Maybe you have seen the crosses that light up the cemeteries at night? What A Beautiful Sight! This precious bright shining cross displays LOVE and PEACE for those we have lost. It represents God's Love as it lights up a bright path for those that have gone on before us. The solar light cross has become such a popular item since it has been created. It is powered by the sunlight during the day and stays bright at night. The Solar Light Cross stands 14" high and 10" wide. It is waterproof and requires no maintenance! It is made of acrylic to withstand most weather conditions. The Solar Light Cross comes with a ground stake to easily insert the cross into the ground or to hold it in place in your flower arrangement.

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