" " Solar Light Angel
Solar Light Angel

Solar Light Angel | Solar Angel | Eternal Light Angel - The Solar Lighted Angel has arrived and she's prettier and more comforting than we imagined. With the glow of her wings shining bright, she lights up the way with her angelic beauty. The details of her wings, her hair, and her hands, make the solar light angel appear as if she were an Angel from Heaven. The Solar Light Angel displays as a guardian angel watching over your loved ones. The entire body of the Angel lights up including the wings. It is powered by the sunlight during the day and stays bright at night. The Solar Light Angel stands 14" high and 10" wide. It is waterproof and requires no Maintenance! It is made of acrylic to withstand most weather conditions. The Solar Light Angel comes with a ground stake to easily insert the cross into the ground or to hold it in place in your flower arrangement.

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